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Lost Dog – 4/26/11

NAME: TJ Wheelington

Species: Dog

Breed: Chihuaha Mix

Color: Tan

Other Characteristics:  Friendly, tends to run.  Has Kennel Cough (on medication)

Sex: Male

Age: 5 years

Weight: 13 lbs

Last Seen: Iowa & Pleasant Run Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN

MICROCHIP NUMBER: 985121009498828

If found, please call: 1-888-466-3242


Lost Dog – 4/23/11

NAME: Bruiser

Species: Dog

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Color: Chocolate

Sex: Male

Age: 8 years

Weight: Approx. 75 lbs

Last Seen: 111th & Monon Trail, Carmel, IN

If found, please call: 1317-281-1249 (Rita Stone)

LOST DOG – 4/23/11

NAME: Poot

Species: Dog

Breed: Dachshund

Color: Brown

Other Characteristics:  Thin build, missing many teeth.

Sex: Male

Age: 8 years 5 months

Weight: 10 lbs

Last Seen: Super Target at 106th & Michigan Road, Indianapolis/Carmel, IN


If found, please call: 1-888-466-3242

LOST DOG – 4/18/11

NAME: Dozer

Species: Dog

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Color: White/Tan

 Other Characteristics:  Has tan spots.  Wearing black collar.

Sex: Male

Age: 5 years 3 months

Weight: 40 lbs

Last Seen: Meridian & Sumner, Indianapolis, IN

Zip: 46217

MICROCHIP NUMBER: 985121007316069

If found, please call: 1-888-466-3242

Lost Dog – 4/15/11

NAME: Sierra Jane

Species: Dog

Breed: Chow Chow

Color: Blue Black

Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Weight: 65 lbs

Last Seen: Dry Creek Road and 156th St

Zip: 46060


If found, please call: 1-888-466-3242

BOXER NEEDS A HOME! – Home has been FOUND!!!


A loveable 2-year old female boxer needs a new home.

Emma has a great disposition, loves children, and is very sweet, but she needs a fenced-in yard because she enjoys taking scenic tours. She walks very well on a leash and loves taking a walk!

She has nice markings, is full-blooded, spayed, housebroken, and up to date on her shots and vet care. Her tail is docked, her ears are natural. She gets along with other dogs and cats in the home. 

The current owners are not charging for the dog herself, but asking only half price for her gear, which includes a large, black, metal cage; stainless steel food and water bowls with elevated stand; a new custom-made warm blanket coat for winter; and a leash. $85 for all. 

Note: Boxers are not an outdoor breed. They are intolerant of extremes in heat or cold, so please don’t consider this dog if she can’t live indoors.

Please contact us if you’re interested in adopting this sweet girl.


Lost dog – 2/21/11

NAME: Cheyenne

Species: Dog

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier

Color: Red/Brown

Sex: Female

Age: 2 year 5 months

Weight: 50 lbs

Other Characteristics: Spayed

Last Seen: Near Collier St and Perry, Indianapolis, IN

Zip: 46241

MICROCHIP NUMBER: 985121007798333

If found, please call: 1-888-466-3242