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Lost Cat – SQUEEKERS 11/19/11


Species: Cat

Breed: DSH

Color: Black

Sex:  Male

Weight:  10 lbs

Age: 4 years

Other characteristics: Neutered 

Last Seen: 82nd and Hague Rd, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46256

If found, please call: 888-466-3242

Microchip Number:   4C004F021C


LOST DOG – SOPHIE 11/14/11

NAME: Sophie

Species: Dog

Breed: Standard Poodle

Color: Black

Sex: Female

Weight: 60 lbs

Age: 9  years

Other: Wearing collar with no tags.

Last Seen: 36th and Washington Blvd, Indianapolis, 46205

If found, please call: 888-466-3242

Microchip Number:   452058037F

Lost Dog – SOX 11/11/11


Species: Dog

Breed: Pitbull Terrier

Color: Tan

Sex: Male

Weight: 50 lbs

Age: 4  years

Other: All 4 paws are white. Small for his breed.

Last Seen: E Minnesota St & East St or Shelby St, Indianapolis, 46203

If found, please call: 888-466-3242

Microchip Number:   985121011431308

Do or Don’t: Table Scraps For Fido?

Ah, the holidays. It’s that time of year when friends and family gather around the table to enjoy good food and good company. It can also be a time when your pooch gets to indulge in a few extra table scraps. No one loves holiday food more than Fido. But is it okay to share what’s on your plate with your canine companion? And is there such thing as too much or just enough? Here are a few tips on how to share a tidbit here and there without endangering your pooch’s health.

‘Tis the season for overindulgence.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, the holidays mean lots of foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Often what doesn’t get finished at the table goes into Fido’s bowl. It’s important to remember that when you give your dog a treat from your plate, you’re adding to his caloric intake. Trouble is, Fido doesn’t need a lot of extra calories. According to the ASPCA, overweight pets are at a higher risk of diabetes, liver problems and joint pain. By giving Fido that piece of pie or serving of stuffing, you’re doing more than showing him your love—you could be hurting his health.

Aim for a balanced diet.

Keep in mind that if you feed your pooch a complete, balanced commercial diet, adding anything that isn’t complete and balanced can throw his nutrition out of whack. So, as a general rule, you shouldn’t feed Fido table scraps. If you’re set on giving your dog treats or people food outside his normal diet, be sure that his treats make up less than 10% of his total caloric intake each day.

Make no bones about it.

Many families eat turkey, ham and roast beef during the holidays. If your family does, you may be tempted to give Fido a bone or two to gnaw on. In almost every case, the bones are too small, sharp, and brittle for your dog to chew on safely. Sharp bones can cause intestinal issues, which can turn a fun holiday treat into an expensive trip to the vet.

Limit daily treats.

Guests and kids love giving the family pet a treat. The trick is to supply the right kind of treats, so that they can feel like they’re giving your dog love and you can avoid looking like the bad guy. Or, when it’s not a great time for a treat, you can also suggest that Fido would love a game like fetch instead.

Find the right foods.

Maybe sweet potato casserole and pecan pie aren’t great choices for your pooch. But what about a bit of lean turkey? Or some cooked peas or other vegetables? Dogs love baby carrots, celery and even bits of vegetables you wouldn’t think they’d like. There are also some foods that can be toxic for Fido, including anything containing chocolate or macadamia nuts. So it’s important to be careful. Be sure anything you or your guests feed your beloved canine is healthy, low calorie, low sodium and low fat so he can enjoy many years of long life with you.

Lost Dog – BUGSEY 11/1/11

NAME: Bugsey

Species: Dog

Breed: Pitbull

Color: Brown

Sex: Male

Weight: 120 lbs

Age: 2  years

Other: White stripe down his nose

Last Seen: North Mitthoefer near 42nd St, Indianapolis, 46235

If found, please call: 888-466-3242

Microchip Number:   985121011030841

FOUND DOG 11/08/11


Breed:  Possibly lab mix

Color:  Red

Sex:  Male

Age: Young adult

Weight:  around 60 pounds

Other info:  Collar with no tags, no microchip

Found 10/5/11 on 84th Street

Please call 317-418-5952   or  317-502-7732

Lost Cat – AMI 11/2/11

Name: AMI

Species: Cat

Breed: Siamese

Color: Blue Point

Sex:  Female

Weight:  8 lbs

Age: 4 years 5 mo

Other characteristics: Spayed 

Last Seen: 80th and Keystone, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46240

If found, please call: 888-466-3242

Microchip Number:   4A4A341B4F